Water Pumps Question

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    Welcome to FishLore. What brought you to fish keeping? How large is your tank and what kind of filters and fish do you have?

    Most of us do regular water changes using 5G buckets or python water changer

    Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System, 50-Feet http://amzn.com/B000255NXM

    If you are DIY handy you can make one yourself for peanuts. If you search FishLore you will find fairly recent directions how to put it together.

    Since you are new here may I suggest you read as many posts on subjects of interest to you as you can. Don't hesitate to ask questions by all means, but search the old threads first. In my experience, you often find more newbie relevant info in responses by people who have been at it for a while. Good luck!

    The cheap alternative to Python was posted by jetajockey.

    In addition to a standard garden hose all you have to get is this:
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    hello :) welcome to FL.

    just a few questions for you;

    how long have you had the tank?
    how big is the tank?
    what fish are in it?
    do you have a filter?

    read up on the nitrogen cycle. it is the most important aspect of fish keeping.

    i change 15-20% of my water once/twice a week using a siphon and bucket. it takes 10-20 minutes per tank.xx