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    I have a 40L with caribe complete substrate. It is planted well and running on a marine penguin filter. My fresh water ammonia tests are very high. Nitrate and nitrites test 0ppm. Have tried 50% water changes which lowers the ammonia but within a day or two it climbs right back up off the scale. Fish seem fine water is clear. any ideas as to what might be happening here. Tap water tests 0ppm ammonia.
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    Your tank is not cycled.
    How long have you had it up and running?
    What media do you have in your filter?
    How regularly and what do you use to clean your filter?
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  3. Crispii

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    It looks like you're still in the cycling phase.
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    What are the parameter reading of your source water? Are you adding Conditioner with your WC's preferrably Prime
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    I've only had the tank up and running for 16 days. Media is foam with activated charcoal. Haven't cleaned filter yet. Here are the new readings as of this morning.

    Also have spinning paper cylinders as media in filter.

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    You should also test the water going into your tank. Are you using a declorinater such as Prime? Your readings are all dangerously high i would do a 60-70% Water change right away.and be sure to use dechlor. at every WC. I would also get another form of filter media such as ceramic or the like to give the beneficial bacteria you need a place to grow. You will need to remove the charcoal after about 4-6 weeks it wears out and becomes useless. Most don't bother with charcoal instead add something to the filter to give the BB a place to grow.
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    You would still need to cycle the tank