Water Main Installation

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    My street is getting a water main installed, and they will be doing it from May 16th thru July 17th. I don't know if I'm overreacting here, but after all the threads on here about issues with water after work was done, I want to make sure I don't do any damage to any of my tanks. Please advise
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    Two months is a long time! I read your profile and it says that you have a 10 gallon, if that is still true I will suggest what I would do in your situation. If I was in your shoes, I would estimate how much water I use normally for each water change, calculate out how many gallons that you would require during the two month time period, and then store that amount if you are able to.

    I know this may not be possible or practical for you to do, but if you can I would suggest doing that. Also, I would highly suggest getting Prime as your dechlorinator since it does more than just dechlorinates water; use a double dose of it. Hope all goes well for you and your fish during the water main install!