Water Lettuce

There is already one post on this plant but I wanted to update a couple things on it. 1st the lighting requirements and 2nd to add some pictures of the roots which are my favorite feature of this plant.

I have found that water lettuce will grow at a decent rate with liquid ferts and only LED lighting in a low flow environment. The smaller of the two in the picture grew to that size under only LED lighting in ~2 months. The smaller was recently separated from the parent plant by pinching the runner (looks similar to strawberry propagation), so it will begin sending longer roots down soon. The larger of the two is 4 inches across the widest section and the roots are 5 inches long. These two will stay in the small aquarium and by pinching off leaves to keep them around this size permanently. Shrimp love to graze on the fuzzy looking roots of this plant and bettas will build bubble nests around them just like other floating plants. The roots are delicate if you have fish that like to nibble on plants. However, these plants grow so well under the right conditions they can take some bothering by fish.
1. Low flow is the biggest thing for this plant to be able to thrive. However to keep in an aquarium with more flow I have used the quietest corner and placed a barricade for it to stay there (I used air line tubing but I'm sure there are more creative solutions that would look better). The roots of the plant cannot be pushed around too much if the plant is barricaded in the corner or the roots will turn brownish and drop off in sections.
2. The liquid ferts are helpful for growth but not necessary as this plant is not picky and very easy to keep.
3. Pruning-Don't be afraid to pinch off leaves or root clusters that don't look great. This plant can take it and will grow better if kept trimmed.
4. Lighting- This plant will take anything you give it and grow. While this plant will thrive (spread like wild fire and grow to its full potential) in a pond. Water lettuce is a great easy plant for any size tank or skill level.
5. Make sure there is room under your lid (if you have one). The plant will quickly deteriorate leaves on the bottom of the plant if it is pushed down by the lid.


Nice plant and great info. Thanks, I was looking into getting a few of these for my tank.
Beautiful plant, I would love to try growing one but I only have about one inch of free space under the top and I’ve heard that these can get rather large.
Beautiful plant, I would love to try growing one but I only have about one inch of free space under the top and I’ve heard that these can get rather large.
They can get huge but there is the smaller species dwarf water lettuce.
Also they will propagate while they are quite small so that I how I keep mine in by Betta's tank which has right around an inch of space between the waterline and the lid. Once one of the plants gets to large I move it to another tank, but by the time it reaches that point it has made me 4 or 5 new plants.
Attached are the pictures of the growth since the last post. The little ones are almost to the point I will pinch them off of the large plant and remove the large plant starting the cycle all over again!


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