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Discussion in 'Ponds' started by Lynn78too, Apr 16, 2018.

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    I’m planning on doing a patio pond this summer, I have a 20 gallon container and am getting ready but something I’ve been thinking of is the water. We have a 30 and 40 gallon rain barrels, they fill up pretty fast except in late July and August and I often find that I don’t know what else I can water except the grass, no complaints. I was wondering if I took the water from the top of the barrel (not the dirty stuff that settles to the bottom) would it be ok for the fish in the pond or would it be bad since it came off the roof? It should technically be the same temperature and wouldn’t need to be dechlorinated and if it was in there long enough the scuzz should have settled down. There’s a screen on top so it keeps junk out.

    Any experience with this anyone?
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    I have my pond with rain water.

    I would make a carbon filter for the rainwater to remove the impurities.
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    Ok, that makes sense. Thanks! I’m really getting excited about this. I’m ready for gardening and now this. April is such a tease here, last week it was 65 but it’s snowed twice since including last night. There’s still snow on the deck. As tempting as it is, you never plant before Mother’s Day.