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can someone give me a diagram that gives me the max tank circulation from a canister filter with one output then one with a double comming from one piece. one tube with two nozzles. i thought the best idea is to creat great water movement on the top of the water but apparently not. thanks


I believe that moving intake to the opposite end of the tank than the output would maximize the flow. This is based on nothing but my imagination, so IDK if that's true or not . What exactly are you trying to achieve - aeration, directional flow, mechanical filtering efficiency?


How big is your tank? What is the maximum rated flow of your canister filter?

Typically, the intake for the filter will be placed at one end of the tank and the outflow will be placed at the other end.

There are many different designs of discharges. Some use one or more nozzles. Some use a distribution tube with drilled holes. I have a Sunsun HW-3000 filter that has a combination of a nozzle and a drilled tube.

If is easy to make your own discharge from rigid PVC piping. You just have to make sure you have the proper barb fitting to attach the flexible tubing from the canister to the distribution header. I designed one to work in a 125 gallon saltwater tank that had a sump with a 1800 gph submersible pump. It even had valves so I could direct the flow as desired. However, freshwater tanks normally do not require high water flow like a saltwater tank, so that level of complexity is probably not necessary.

If you answer the questions about your tank and filter and describe what you are hoping to accomplish, I can offer suggestions on how you might achieve those goals.

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