Water Dragon 2nd Clutch Since Jan?

Discussion in 'Reptiles' started by Jnettie, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Jnettie Valued Member Member

    So my beautiful little Kayda girl had her first clutch on January 1st this year. She came to me from a bad situation and she is on the small side so I didn't think to much about her only having 7 eggs. I thought we were done until fall.
    But recently she has been really cranky and refused to eat for over a week so I decided to take her to a vet to check her overall health again even though it's been less than a year. She is gravid again. Not egg bound but gravid with a second set of eggs. The vet thinks she ovulated from each horn at separate times. Has anyone else had this happen and is it a common thing?
    She is my first water dragon and a rescue so this is all new to me. When do they usually become gravid? I thought I read towards the end of the year, is that right?

  2. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    It depends on the lighting in their habitat I believe. Set the time lights are on to match the seasons. Also, adjust temps to match native seasonal temperatures. Make sure there is an abundance of calcium in her diet.
    I always used to think that becoming egg bound was just a problem with birds and hard shell layers!
  3. MD_Plants Well Known Member Member

    I agree with the above comment. Make sure you up the calcium after all that pushing!
  4. Jnettie Valued Member Member

    The only problem I’m having is she refuses to eat right now. And when she does eat she will only eat mealworms. Right now I am gut loading crickets and Dubias to see if she might try them again but I don’t know if she will. She has refused in the past. I don’t know how else to get calcium in her. Everything is covered in calcium dust but that isn’t enough. Silly little girl. All she wants to do today is cuddle and sleep on me.
  5. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    Powdered calcium carbonate in a bag, throw mealworms in, shake to coat them them, feed dragon...:happy: Sooooo cute! I want one! I never had a lizard, just babysat my bff's 6 foot iguana-for years. She was just a 18 inch toddler when I met her! Water Dragons are so much cuter! Those big juicy eyes...
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  6. BReefer97 Well Known Member Member

    I don’t think I would change the lighting and temperatures to match the seasons until AFTER she’s laid this clutch of eggs. Doing all of that now might confuse her and she may hold her eggs leading to an egg bound situation.

    Put a small dish of powered calcium in her enclosure. Reptiles will occasionally lick calcium powder when they feel they’re lacking it. You can also try crushing the heads of your feeder insects to try and intice her to eat :) keep us updated!!