Water dechlorinator

Hello! I am a pretty new betta owner and I have a few questions.

1. Is the Top Fin betta water conditioner any good? I’ve been using it for a few months but I’m not really sure if it’s actually good quality.

2. When switching to a new water conditioner (with the old brand in the tank) would you just add it into the water as if it was the old one or do you have to do something different? (Sorry if that makes no sense, I’m not really good at wording things).

Thanks in advance
I’ve used prime for a long time. The CL2 at my house is very high. I think you will have good luck with it. I wouldn’t worry about mixing them unless it says it on the bottle.
Any water conditioner will do. Some people (and Seachem) say Seachem Prime also detoxifies ammonia while others don’t believe it. But if only for peace of mind, Prime is nice to have handy and doesn’t cost more.

If you change brands, you don’t have anything special to do. Just mix it in the bucket and pour in the tank when you do your water change.
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