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    Cdsdave New Member Member

    Hi all. I'm just setting up my 135 gallon FOWLR tank. I do not have an RO/DI unit so I filled the tank with fresh water and added a water conditioner that I use for my fresh water tank and koi pond. I didn't add salt yet because I wanted to check the plumbing for leaks. Found one but fingers crossed I believe I fixed it. Also I didn't add my live sand because I wanted the conditioner to remove the chlorine and heavy metals. My question is do you believe the water conditioner has made the water safe to add the salt and more importantly the LS? I have a pondmaster 1800 pump circulating the water. Please let me know your thoughts all:)

  2. 1971roadrunner

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    Hi, and a belated welcome to FL :). I got you beat by 15g on my fowlr so there!!! Seriously though, Just be sure to get the temp within range before adding the salt to get the correct sg due to it being temperature dependent. I keep my temp at 78 and my sg at 1.023-1.025 and try not to let it fluctuate much out of that range for the long haul and things should be great. I suggest letting the water when mixed circulate for a good 24hrs then add the live sand and would test kit the tap water your adding to get a baseline of what your dealing with. Consider an RO/DI in the future - I use a BRS and highly recommend them but there are others. Good luck with the setting up :).