Water Chemistry: Gh, Kh, Ph And How To Manipulate Them?

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    So from my understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) pH and Hardness tend to correlate... if one is high, then the other is high. Well, I tested my tap water recently to see if there are any changes I should be making on the pH/Hardness front and what I found is:

    pH - 8.6 (API Master Freshwater kit); 8.4+ (Tetra - EasyStrips... color was a hot pink and the chart only went as high as a pinkish-red)
    Total Alkalinity (KH) - 300+ (Tetra - EasyStrips... the color was full blue and the chart only went as high as dark teal)
    Total Hardness (GH) - 0 (Tetra EasyStrips)

    I understand that test strips are generally inaccurate, but these strips seem to be relatively accurate because the Nitrite and Nitrate levels shown on the strips matched the API test kit. Why is the hardness/GH at rock bottom, but the pH and KH are sky high? And what would be the best way(s) to bring these to safer levels?
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    I have a high pH too, 8.2 and my fish don't seem to be bothered by it. I found some interesting threads on here about pH, GH, and KH that you might want to take a look at. Hopefully this helps!

    pH GH and KH
    Changing your pH
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    Those are good threads, but none (and it may just be me) of them seemed to explain how I can have a very high pH and KH, with very soft water... if GH is all minerals, including Calcium Carbonate, would that mean my water has near 0 other minerals to counteract the high levels of Calcium Carbonate?
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    I'm going to have to let someone else answer that since I don't worry about my GH and KH right now. I'm in Indiana and we have very hard water since our water is filtered through limestone.