Water Changing

  1. Craig Well Known Member Member

    does any1 have any tips when doin a 15-20% weekly water change ??? its just whenever i do mine my water gets all these particles floatin in it i think its cause i mite b hittin the gravel at the bottom and disturbing the matter the fish dont seem 2 mind it but it doesnt look pretty does any1 hav any tips and do u know what i mean?? will this happen any way i do a water change??

    help would b very much appreciated as always lol thanks C W
  2. Craig Well Known Member Member

    it settles actually really quickly the filter seems 2 take most of it in as well so this isnt a bad thing then lol?! does cleanin ur filter in the tank water u take out does it keep the good bacteria ???
  3. Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Yeah I think thats meant to happen - do you use a gravel hoover? It wont take out the good bacteria because you're onluy changing a little bit of the water and the filter still contains the bacteria.
  4. Craig Well Known Member Member

    yeah i hav a gravel hoover but i was plannin only 2 use it once a month or so it settled really quickly and my tank is bak 2 normal so its ok i dont know whether my power filter keeps the good bacteria or not u c cause i clean the pads in the tank water i take out then i hav 2 change the pads every 2 months
  5. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Stuff floating around in the tank when you do a gravel vac is pretty normal. Your filter should clear it up pretty quickly. To keep the good bacteria at a high enough count to keep your tank cycled, when you clean your filter, if it's a sponge, just squeeze it out in old tank water. If it's one of those floss filters that have carbon inside them, just shake them well in that old tank water, and don't throw them away until the water flow is clogged and they won't clean anymore, or they fall apart. :)
  6. Craig Well Known Member Member

    cheers very good advice
  7. joe Member Member

    to keep the water from hitting the bottom you can form your hand into a cup right at the surface and poor the water into your hand so it doesnt get the gravel and stuff stirred up. Thats what i do and it works good.