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    I just read an article in TFH that said you should be doing atleast 50% water change daily. I also have talked to people who say 25% per month. What is actually right and best for fish?

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    If your tank is cycled,I would say 25% every two weeks.I do 25% every week but that might be overkill.Test your water every time before you do a water change,with a liquid test kit.If your tank is not cycled with fish in it then you might need to test every day and if the nitrite and ammonia are too high, 50% water changes with Prime are in order until the parameters are exeptable.If you don't have the Python water changing system you should look into it because it is a time saver.Worth every penny.
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    it depends on how heavily stocked your tank it, plants, and how much you feed. I have a completely stocked tank and feed twice daily, and i do a complete gravel vacuum, removing about 30% of the water and lots of junk form the substrate. i have a german blue ram, which is kind of sensitive, and he is ok with that. i think 50% daily is overkill and can mess with your cycle.
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    I practice 10 % weekly on my community tanks, 20% weekly on species tanks if I am conditioning fish to spawn and 30% weekly on grow out tanks (tanks with fry). There is no hard and fast rule, it is what works for you and your fish. The most important thing is to do water changes regularly.

    I will add IMO that 50% daily is excessive and could be detrimental to maintaining a healthy biological filter. When I first started in this hobby at age 6 or 7, I did 100% water changes monthly on a 5 gallon tank. It's a wonder anything lived.
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    There are A LOT of factors involved. I change 50% every week, but most of my tanks are very heavily stocked. I use a python, though, so the difference between changing 20% vs 50% is a matter of minutes and no extra work, so I change that much no matter the tank.

    If you had a betta in a 10, you wouldn't need to change as much/often as if you had a betta in a 5, or even a 2.5. Changing 50% daily is often recommended when doing a fish in cycle, with fry tanks, with unfiltered betta bowls, or as a remedy for certain ailments. Aside from that, changing 50% daily is overkill. I mean, it's one thing to do 50% daily changes on a 5 gallon tank. It's quite another on a 90 gallon tank.

    Once the tank is stable, changing the water has no effect on the cycle. The only thing the water does for the cycle is transport food to the bacteria in the filter.
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    I do a 20 % water change every week and a half for my Jack Dempsey tank and I always get great readings. Hope this helps
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    I do a 25% once a week also, but then again I am owned by messy goldies!! lol.
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    I do about 25% a week or little more with gravel vac but it also depends on how stocked the tank is and if you have good filtration. My 20g is overstocked so I change almost 50% a week or go 10 days. I can just look at my tanks and tell if they need a water change. lol I don't test very often. Filter maint. is also importent, I usually rinse my filters and media out in bucket of tank water about every two weeks if needed. I feed only once a day.
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    Good morning Wetzel,

    I've moved your thread to the Water Changes section of the forum.

    As far as your water changes are concerned, please keep in mind your pH levels. In order to maintain a steady pH, water changes are necessary as pH levels drop over time. A link you may find helpful:

    Best wishes!
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    Was that recommendation in the discus section? I did see that in Jack Wattley's column. I believe that's a common practice in a discus tank.
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    I do the changes based on water readings. Usually 30% every week or 2 weeks.
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    i do 50% on every tank every week, no matter how stocked it is. less just doesnt feel right to me >.<