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Discussion in 'Water Changes' started by brokenwing, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. brokenwing

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    Whats the suggestion, when running the nitrogen cycle do uu all do water changes, or wait unitl the cycle is complete. I know everyone has a diffrent way of doing things, so Im curious.
  2. Butterfly

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    For me it depends on whether there are fish in the tank or not. If there are fish in the tank then yes I would do water changes otherwise no I would not. Is this confusing ?
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    not confusing at all. I cycle my tanks fishless of course, but I do not do water changes until the cycle is over.
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    With a fish-in cycle I would do water changes daily. With a fishless cycle I wouldn't do water changes unless one of my parameters were off the charts and then I would only do enough to get that parameter to a readable level. With TSS I wouldn't do a water change until a week after a successful cycle to allow the cycle to stabilize. If after day 10 with TSS my tank is still not cycled I would do the daily water change method for a fish-in cycle.