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    Hello! So i’m new to fish keeping but I wanna prepare well before I get my fish. So I have a question about water changes. The first site I read said that I should do 100% water changes once every month so you can clean gravel, ornaments etc. Then I went to other sites but they said you should do 100% water only when necessary. I got a bit confused so I did more research and I only read that you should do 100% water changes only when it’s necessary. So that would mean that I should only do 25-50% water changes every week. But now my question is how do I clean the gravel and the ornaments? I read that you should clean them with water and not with soap, bot how do I clean everything in the tank? Do I remove the fish first and then remove the ornaments and gravel to clean them? I hope I can get answers so I know what to do once I get my fish, soon i’m going to set up my aquarium and cycle it and then i’m going to put a beta in it! I’m really exited :D! Btw my apologies if there are any grammar mistakes, i’m a foreigner and still learning English.
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    Hello Mup...

    Once the tank is set up and running. You never need to take it apart to clean it. This disturbs fish and your good bacteria. Just remove and replace half the tank water every week, no excuses. Here's why: Everything under the water is constantly dissolving, like fish and plant waste material, decorations, driftwood, plants, everything. So, by just removing half the water, you remove everything that has dissolved in it. By replacing that old, toxic water with new, treated tap water you dilute the toxins that are left to a very safe level in all the new water and you replace minerals and oxygen that are lost through the filtration process. I've had many tanks and some have been running for many years. I never change anything in them. I just stick to my routine of removing and replacing most of the water every week and never have a problem. If I see possible improvements, I keep a list of them and do them when I set up my next tank. But, I never try to take apart an established tank, that's asking for trouble.

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    You don't really ever need to do a 100% water change in your tank. You also shouldn't ever need to clean everything in your tank unless you're disinfecting it because of disease or illness. The gravel and ornaments don't need to be cleaned unless it's before you're adding it to the tank. Gravel can be "cleaned" in the aquarium by a siphon or turkey baster to suck up the waste and other debris. The only things you should clean in the aquarium is the glass (or whatever material your tank is made of) with something to wipe the inside walls of the tank and sometimes the filter media in old tank water if it gets too gunky.
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    In my tanks, I clean any ornaments if they get algae on them using old tank water, an aquarium safe algae sponge and a toothbrush used exclusively for the aquarium. I usually vacuum the gravel in thirds - a different third with each 30%
    weekly water change. Also I clean the inside of the glass.

    We all develop our own methods!