Water Changes

  1. Musicman88 Initiate Member


    So I've bought 2 of these 25Ltr water barrels with taps to help with my water changes:

    I am going to fill, dechlorinate and then let stand to get to room temp for a couple of days to speed up my changes.

    Has anyone else used these and found they helped?
  2. VioletSS Member Member

    Seems good to me.
    That would be about 6+ gallons. Too heavy for me to manage.
    But it's great that it's covered. I put out two 2 gallon buckets to come to room temp and discovered the cat drinking out of them... back to the drawing board for me.
  3. Musicman88 Initiate Member

    My tank is 22 gallon so they are perfect for up to 50% changes. I have 3 buckets but already sick of filling hot/cold/hot/cold to try get the temp right and then getting water all over my house carrying them from kitchen to tank haha. I'm used to lifting beer kegs for a living so these are no problem what so ever for me to lift. The tap also has a flow rate of like 6-7 litres per min so it won't take more than 4 mins to empty. And it won't disturb my gravel or fish :)
  4. VioletSS Member Member

    Sounds like you've discovered the perfect thing!
    Very clever. :)