Water changes

  1. F

    Fish Girl New Member Member

    Someone on another thread said I should do frequent water changes with my new tank because there might not be enough bacteria to support the waste of six fish. How frequent, and how much should I change at one time? Thank-you for your time.
  2. Marc

    Marc Well Known Member Member

    Well, if your sig doesn't lie - you already have an overstocked tank. I can tell the bacteria are crying right now :)

    You will need to do pretty frequent water changes.. Find out a safe amount where you can change a relatively large 30% or so without lowering the water level so much as to harm the fish. Or you could do several changes for a week or two for it to balance of about 1 gallon then just do a normal cleaning.

    What water conditioners do you use, how much do you have in the way of decorations, etc..?
  3. OP

    Fish Girl New Member Member

    I use Aqua Plus and Cycle to condition the water and for decorations I have a few rocks, some plastic plants and a live plant.
  4. J

    Jon Well Known Member Member

    you should prolly try to not use water conditioners most people dont like them and they dont work very well... do small daily water changes (10-20%) and wait out untill your tank cycles.

    if you dont have one already buy a testing kit ( pH / amonia / nitrite / nitrate is all you need)

    if you amonia gets above 2 do some water changes ... once you see nitrite keep up the good work and wait it out... after a few weeks you should get these readings

    amonia-0 ppm
    nitrite- 0ppm
    nitrate <10ppm

    gl with ure tank and remember not to change your filter or to vac your gravel until you get good readings