Water changes? what do you think? Question

Discussion in 'Water Changes' started by AngelFishLuv1, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. AngelFishLuv1

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    I like forums because you get so many opinions. So let me pose a question. How do you feel about water changes for different circumstances? Let me further explain. When trying to diagnose a problem, or having one so many people jump to changing water... and more water... How do you like to do water changes and what for?
  2. Lucy

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    Good question :)

    If my fish seem to be a little off, I'll test and change the water even if the tests are fine.

    If for some reason, my readings are off, like if I have ammonia, nitirte or high nitrate, I'll do daily changes until my readings are back on track.

    Otherwise, I stick to weekly or every two weeks (most of my tanks are understocked) water changes.
  3. bolivianbaby

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    I'm an absolute fish slave (aka fish dork). I run full parameter testing on all of my tanks weekly and do water changes according to nitrates. I also keep a log of all of my test results for every single tank and water changes, fish deaths, illnesses (not many knock on wood), etc.

    If something is "off", I would run another full parameter test of that tank and compare it to the prior test results.
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    BB we must be closely related like maybe fish sisters LOL

    I do water changes for everything :) If somebody isn't acting right I do one. It's the first thing I do when a problem arises or somebody looks a little off. frequently that's all it takes. then of course there's the weekly water changes. I do a larger WC on the 75g and one of the 55g the rest get at least 25% weekly.
    Test-Test-test :) record LOL
  5. bolivianbaby

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    If it's not tankmates (cichlids are usually the culprit in my tanks-particularly convicts), the water changes will usually perk everyone up for sure;)

    Plus, it makes me feel good to know (parameter wise) that my tanks are healthy weekly, so there's low risk of illness. When I had Drac, it warned me of a mini-cycle before he started showing signed of being affected by it. I think it prevented an issue before it became a problem for him, especially since I knew it occurred within the prior 7 days of the testing because of the previous tests coming up perfect.

    In addition, it's an excellent way to judge "true" stocking levels in regards to filtration capacity and waste production in the tank.
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    Good Question! I think everyone has their own reasons for doing water changes at different intervals. I do a 10 percent water change every other day and 20 percent once a week and my readings are spot on. I find if I miss a change or 2 my ph shows a slight decline and my nitrates a slight increase. I have a fully stocked tank so I keep to a strict schedule. I find my fish seem to be genuinely happy with a water change and to see them this way makes me happy as well. :;f :;fb :;fg :;fr

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    Good morning,

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