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Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by autfree607, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. autfree607

    autfree607Valued MemberMember

    So, walk me through changing water in a tank as big as a 55! What's your routine look like? Currently I have a 20g, and I have a simple gravel vac with a hand pump, and two 5 gallon buckets, which works well for the 20, but I'm not looking forward to all the extra water I'll have to carry! Sort of looking at the Python, but I don't love the idea of running the water while removing water. And I don't have threaded faucets, can it be used without them?
    Also, do you just dose Prime into the whole tank as you're filling it up?
    Any other good ways to do WC besides the Python?
  2. RedLoredAmazon

    RedLoredAmazonWell Known MemberMember

    I have a 54 gallon tank that I use my python for. I love, love, love it! :happy: It is a bit of a waste with running the water down the drain. Some people use a hand pump syphon and drain it outside into a rain barrel and water their plants with it. I would still recommend getting a python for filling your tank since it will save your back and doesn't waste any water while filling it.

    What I do is drain/vaccum the tank and then shut off the water so I don't waste any. I do my plant pruning and rearrange anything in the tank that needs to be adjusted. Then I get the water back on and to the correct temp. Before I let it flow into the tank, I pour my Prime in. I dose Prime for the whole tank, not just for the water added since I am adding the water into the tank directly. Then I let the water go in and shut it off when done. I did watch some youtube videos of people using their python so I knew what to do and how to use it.
  3. vikingkirken

    vikingkirkenWell Known MemberMember

    I haven't given in and gotten a Python yet. Here's what I do: I call this my workout. That way I don't mind hauling all that water :D

    Seriously, a 20% change on a 55 is only three mostly-full 5g buckets. It's not too bad. I empty the old water in my washing machine (10 feet away) and run it on drain cycle, or use it to water my plants. Then refill buckets from the tub and add Prime to each bucket.

  4. OP

    autfree607Valued MemberMember

    Haha that's a great idea! Def a good workout. That pretty much sounds like my routine, minus the washing machine. Good idea though! Maybe I'll hold off, give it a few water changes and see how bad it is lol

    That sounds like a great routine. I think the Python would make things much easier. I'm just not sure about dishing out the money for it when my $3.99 gravel vac gets the job done Haha

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  5. Fashooga

    FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    I did a lot of lifting and pouring when I had my 55g running.

    Currently I'm going to buy a pond pump to drain the water out of my 85g tank and use the Aqueaon thingy to refill my water. The problems with the vacuum that connects to the faucet is that you need to turn on the water to drain your tank. If you turn it off the suction works but it's just a trickle.

    By turning on the vacuum attached to the sink you'll waste 30 gallons to clean the tank and use an additional 30 gallons to refill the tank. 60 gallons wasted per change.
  6. OP

    autfree607Valued MemberMember

    Yeah that's the biggest drawback I've got with it! That's a lot of wasted water....
  7. BeanFish

    BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    My 36 gal sits in the dining room which has a huge glass door that looks at the yard. I just use a powerhead and connect a hose to the output. I submerge it in the tank and turn it on. I then go to the yard to water the plants with tank water. You just have to be careful not to take too much time watering the plants because if the water level drops below the powerhead, the powerhead could burn.
    To fill it I just connect the same garden hose to the sink and fill the tank up. I try to keep only species that do well in my tanks with no heater so the tap water usually comes at the same temperature than my tanks, sometimes a bit hotter. As long as the difference isnt too much it shouldnt matter.

    You dont need an expensive python.
  8. vikingkirken

    vikingkirkenWell Known MemberMember

    I love this. I've been thinking of getting a small powerhead to do the same on my 125. How do you connect the hose to the powerhead, and then to your sink for refilling?
  9. BeanFish

    BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    Since powerhead outputs vary from size to size you first need to get the powerhead to see what sort of hose you need to use, if you already have a hose you can bring a cutting from the hose with you the next time you go buying powerheads to see if it fits snuggly. You need an adaptor to connect a garden hose to the sink, I think they sell them at homedepot.
  10. LetsfishWell Known MemberMember

    My tanks are located in my basement about 5 steps away from a bathroom where I dump them into the toilet.Three 5 gallon buckets for the 55 and 2 for the 29.I do use the python for the fill ups but now use only the sink hookup with a collapsible garden hose which make it easy to store.I hook it up in the laundry room to the utility skink which is about 30 feet away.

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  11. OP

    autfree607Valued MemberMember

    I love your tanks!!
    The toilet is a great idea. A garden hose would be much cheaper than the Python....hmmm
  12. yasha

    yashaWell Known MemberMember

    I use one pvc tube from the sink to fill up my tanks and a different one running out the door/windows to drain for each tank. I just use gravity to drain the tanks. Use the tube to spot clean then leave the tube in the tank to the level I want to drain it to so even it I don't get back to it it doesn't drain to much. Refilling is just hanging the pvc elbow I made thats hooked to tube from the sink on the side of the tank and turning the sink on.

    This isn't a item I used but I am using something similar, however showing you these because of the threaded faucet comment. Mine does thread in to the sink unlike the ones linked.
    Universal Tap To Hose Pipe Snap Connector Mixer Garden Kitchen Watering Adaptor
    Universal Tap For Garden Kitchen Hose Pipe Connector Adaptor Fitting Quick New | eBay
    Universal Tap Garden Hose Pipe Connector Mixer Kitchen Car Watering EquipmentRU1 | eBay

    At the bottom of mine like with that I just added the pvc tubing.

    Before that I used a blue magic waterbed drain and fill with a connector on it to still use the pvc tubing. I just felt safer with pvc tubing as i wasn't see what maybe in or on a hose and I like that the pvc is clear. the waterbed item is the same as the python but like $8 at ace and cheaper online.
  13. OP

    autfree607Valued MemberMember

    Thank you so much for all of this!! This is so helpful! I gotta do some research on some of this and figure out what I wanna do! Thanks again
  14. yasha

    yashaWell Known MemberMember

    Happy I could help and good luck.
    Some times I take weeks to find items that will work for what I want to do lol.

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