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Hi, I am just wondering how often I should be testing my water with my apI testing kit. Is this something that should be done weekly or only if I'm adding fish or something seems off?
Also if my water is all good on the test do I still need to do my weekly water change or can that be delayed until the water test kit shows I need to do it? What is everyone’s schedule on water testing and changes as atm I'm changing 30% every week and testing after every water change. Just want to know if this is ok or if I'm making too much work for myself lol


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I would still advise doing your weekly water change just because it keeps the water clean. A lot more things are in the water than just the parameters we test for and they can either build up or completely disappear.

I myself typically don't test my water more than once a month after cycling it. For the first 3 months I was testing weekly because honestly I'm a very paranoid person. I eventually became a lot more comfortable waiting to test it as I feel by then I was pretty well aware of how my tank worked.

I typically do weekly 3-4 gallon water changes on my 20 gallon tank. It has a single betta, 2 nerites, 3 devil spikes, and so many ramshorns. I find that the pothos and wandering jewel I have hanging out of it seem to suck up almost all of my nitrates. This tank gets tested maybe once every 3 months.

My 15 gallon up until recently housed guppies. Due to an unfortunate accident one died, caused a massive ammonia spike, and as a result killed the other one and nearly crashed the cycle. Previously though it had the same scheduele. Currently, I'm doing 5-7 gallon changes and testing weekly to keep track of it until it returns to normal.

Honestly, testing your water is mostly based on preference and your own comfort. I know plenty of people who only test when they think something is wrong and plenty of others who test weekly. Both are valid practices and work well for their users.

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