water changes and conditioner after a cycle.

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    I just finished a week with TSS after trying to cycle with fish for about 6 weeks. After the TSS my ammonia and nitrites were at 0 and nitrates were around 10. How long should I wait before I start up with the routine water changes. It has been about 10 days since the last water change.

    Also I recently obtained a Python that I am using for water changes. My plan was to drain out % or water. Then add conditioner to the tank and then add the water (city tap water). If I am doing water changes every week to two weeks should I add enough conditioner to treat 75 gallons or is this overkill and I should only add enough to condition the amount I am putting back in? When I was doing daily water changes during the fish in cycle I only put in enough conditioner for the water I was changing as to not over do it. But every ten days or so I didn't think it would hurt to condition for 75 gallons to avoid the chlorine from the city water messing up my bacteria.
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    Go ahead and dose dechlorinator for the entire volume of the tank, since you are using a Python. I do 50% weekly water changes this way with no problems. IMO you can go ahead and start up a regular water change schedule.
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    I second harpua's suggestions.
    Good luck.