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Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by klogue2, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. klogue2Valued MemberMember

    I'm going to get a water changer (maybe a diy one using a watering hose and a faucet adapter lol, the real ones are so expensive :p) for my upcoming 55g and have a couple questions:

    How do you condition the water during a water change, using a water changer hose? Do you remove the fish before before refilling then condition the water, and re-add the fish? Or do you put the unconditioned water straight into the aquarium with the fish still in, then condition it? Other? Something silly that I just can't figure out.

    Also, for a 55 gallon mbuna cichlid aquarium, what's a good weekly water change amount? I was thinking between 15 and 25%, probably 25%?
  2. freak78Well Known MemberMember

    I do 50% weekly water changes now since I got my python hose. I will put a half a cap of prime in the tank as it's filling. The fish never leave the tank. As far as a routine, I always do 50% weekly.
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  3. klogue2Valued MemberMember

    Thanks for your answers! That sounds like a good plan :)
  4. pirahnah3Fishlore VIPMember

    as far as when using a hose, just dose the tank for the entire amount of the tank and youll be fine.

    If I remember correctly you can dose up to 5x recommended dose safely.
  5. klogue2Valued MemberMember

  6. JRC3Well Known MemberMember

    Just dose the tank for the total water volume. I did it that way for a few years. And I always just used plain old dechlorinator...No need for any of that Stress Coat type wast of money. Especially when doing large proper WCs.

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