Water Change...?


Hello everybody ! So my cycle has been cycled with nitrates .5ppm as I had a very small bioload in my tank (one betta). I was wondering if I do a water change, will my bacteria die off ?

Also how can I gradually increase the bioload ? Thanks.


The beneficial bacteria lives mostly on the filter media. Some of it on the surface of decor, plants, and the substrate. A water change won't hurt anything, and your betta will love you for it!

The bioload is basically coming from the creatures inside the tank. Right now your tank has enough to handle your betta. If you plan on adding more creatures to the tank, add them slowly so you don't overwhelm your beneficial bacteria and kill it off. If this is going to be a betta only tank, then your done! Just do your weekly water changes and enjoy your aquatic pet!


As long as the water has been treated, change away! Increase your bioload by adding fish.

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