water change to tang

  1. PhishHead Member Member

    just did a water change my tang hid for a day now he looks more white then yellow. but this morning he was bright vibrant yellow and now he looks white again any idea what this is. also have a purple yellow gamma hes fine.
  2. reefdude Member Member

    Stress! They do that when shipped or bought etc. too. Was this it's first water change in your tank? The tang should get used to it over time and not stress as bad.

  3. PhishHead Member Member

    ya first one with him in the tank
  4. PhishHead Member Member

    how often should i be feeding him i do seaweed on a clip everyother day and some pellets on the off days. But with the Pellets how often should i do them 2 a day (a pinch)?

  5. reefdude Member Member

    I fed mine twice a day, morning and night. A small pinch is fine, if you have LR he will pick of it in between as well.