Water change in fry tank???

  1. GuppyKeeper007

    GuppyKeeper007 Valued Member Member

    How do I do it? I tried before and I accidentally sucked up one. I but him back, but stopped changing the water. It's a 10 gallon, heavily planted. Lots of fry ranging from 3 months to a few days old. Guppy.
  2. GoldenKillifish

    GoldenKillifish Valued Member Member

    Honestly I just put a reusable filter over suction end for my regular tank because my fish are very curious. It's good for draining water or light cleaning(no large particles can get through).
  3. Junne

    Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I use panty hose on the end of mine - works great!

    You can also use a turkey baster to pick up the larger debris that won't go through the nylon stocking.

    python covered in nylon.jpg