Water change for cherry tank

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by amyncognito, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. amyncognitoNew MemberMember

    Hi, New here, and new to keeping shrimp

    I have about 8 cherry shrimp and 3 mystery snails in a 2.5 gallon filtered planted tank. How often should I do water changes and what % of the water should I change. I was thinking 10% weekly?
  2. stargazerwolfValued MemberMember

    With that small of a tank I'd do that about twice a week. Test your water doing that and see what parameters are to make sure you keep ammonia and nitrites to 0 and nitrates shouldn't get too high (maybe 10-20ppm). Also when the shrimp start breeding you will need a bigger tank, the general rule for them is about 10 shrimp per gallon so you could be overstocked very quickly. On my 10 gallon I do about 10% weekly or even a bit less often as its not stocked very much (about 30 shrimp and some snails). That's why I say do it more often on that small of a tank.

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