Water Change & Aquarium Maintenance


My tank is cycled from a prior binge cleaning and bacteria bloom problem. Now that I have finally gotten the water in my tank to look respectable again, I wanted to get solid advice on how often I should change my water, what % to change, how often to change my filters and vacuum my gravel.

I have a 46 gallon tank. My plan is to do a 20-30% water change weekly, vacuum my gravel bi-weekly and only clean about half the gravel, and change my filters every 4-6 weeks. Is this a proper plan or should I make adjustments?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks ;D ;D


Everything sounds good except the filters. Most of us rinse our filters in used tank water at each or every other water change depending on how dirty they are. change the filters when they are worn out and only change one at a time if you have more than one. The manufacturers instructions say to replace once a month I think but this is a waste of money because they can safely and economically be used longer. I have sponges in some of my filters and have used them for several years. Hope that helps.

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