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Well its not about adjusting my PH or GH or anything like that but I was going to the place where I get my discus tonight to buy two more Yipee! and then I am hitting up our local aquarium store to buy some food and clarifier. I noticed last weeek when I was in I think Kent sells this stuff I was interested in but I really do not know anything about it. It says it is for Discus fish to adjust the water parameters for I think black water conditions like that found in the Amazon. I was wondering do any of you use this product and is it worth the money to buy it? is it any good and what does it do really? Also if I did use it in order to keep up with it I would have to add it all the time rite, because of all the water changes I do? That would be just one more thing to stay on top of and I already go thru water conditoner like water it self with all my water changes you know? I think this would get pretty expensive but on the other hand I want to do what is the absolute best for my fish and so as long as I can afford it I would not mind to spoil my fish they are well worth it to me? any thoughts on this stuff?

Oh and is there anything extra I should be adding to the water other than I already do? I have somne ammo lock for just in case?

My water parameters are PH 6.5 GH 5 temp of 85-86f 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and I have no idea what my nitrates are but I do a lot of water changes I am sure I do not to worry about those to much?

Thanks for any help you can provide thank you all in advance!!


I would not waste the money honestly. And yes you would have to keep adding it. What water conditioner do you use now? I use Prime and its pretty nice because you only need a couple drops. I use a little more because my water needs it, but it saves me from going through bottles and bottles of the stuff.

Depending on your tap water, all you really need is water conditioner. Your water readings from the tank look good to me. If you have naturally softer water around 6-6.5 out of the tap consider yourself lucky.

Discus are a very interesting fish. Unlike tetras or smaller fish, you can clearly see when they are upset or something is wrong. Just pay attention to your fish and you shouldn't have to many problems. Stability is the key.


Ditto on Matts reply for any tanks (in most cases), if your discus are happy....leave it alone. When you start playing with water parameters, you will become a slave to the tank and enjoying it less.
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Yup ok I agree thank you gentelmen, yeah my water is like this straiht from the tap. I use something that Tetra makes something with a BIO extract I guess this is ok? suppose to help with my BIO filtration so it says? 5ml per 10 gallon a full cap worth for 20 gallon I guess it will not hurt if I go a couple of mls over will it? I just feel a little safer if I go little bit more than what's recomended just in case. I never did test to see what kind of chlorine chorimines are in my water I have city water live in the suburbs but I am sure it has it in there just don't know how much and I do not have a test kit for that shuld get one prob just so that I know that's why I try and go what I think is one the safe side and add just a bit more I hope that's ok? I have been doing it this way for a long time now, lol. and my discus fish seem to be happy eating swiming and they look great colors and all so I figured I am doing a good job yep 6.5 ph from the tap and a gh of 5 so I was really happy witht hat when I first thought of getting into the discus hobby I went and tested my tap water for those parameters I was wondering if I would need something to raise or lower any of those numbers and I was so happy when all my readings came back with those exact numbers each and every time I thought well one less thing I have to worry about rite?

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