Watchman Goby in 10 Gallon Reef?

llama roadkill
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I currently have a 10 gallon nano tank with 5 corals. I was wondering if I could have a bluespotted watchman goby.

All I currently have is a juvinile black Ocellaris clownfish.

What do you think?

If I can't get this, I was thinking a black bar goby.

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I vote neither... I can't find much on the black bar and watchmans are avid swimmers... Maybe look into blur neon gobies

llama roadkill
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I really like watch and and there is a small one at my LFS.

Same with the black bar.

I really don't like neons.
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HI there

Right, we need to get a little serious here as we are all commenting on common named fish, could you please include the correct scientific name for them as it removes any confusion.

For the "black bar goby are you talking about Stenogobius hawaiiensis, if you are then it is a brackish fish that frequents river mouths and commonly moves between fresh water and full salt to feed but is predominantly brackish.

If you are talking about Priolepis nocturna or black barred convict goby then this is an inverted full saltwater cave dweller that, whilst it is a great fish, you will rarely see and it is a nocturnal cave dweller contrary to Dr foster smith's information.
Kept one of these for 2 years and saw it maybe three times, they are very secretive.

You may be talking about the HI Fin Red Banded Goby, Stonogobiops nematodes (the one in my avatar) these are sometimes known as hi-fin black barred too, they are a great fish and max out at 2" and are very suited to a nano.

NOW, I went through all of the above simply because giving advice about the suitability and compatability is hard enough without the inherrant confusion with common names, when I had the store I refused to order any animals in without first having the full scientific name and a photo because I got stung SO many times getting expensive and sometimes rare fish and corals in for a customer only to have them come in to collect and tell that it was not what they had ordered and they didn't want it now.

PLEASE don't get the impression that I am flaming or being nasty in any way it is just that I have cared for these creatures for many many years with a passion and try so hard to give good accurate advice and using common names makes that really really difficult

All the very best
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I am looking at the Hi-fin Red Banded Goby, or (Stonogobiops nematodes).

I was also looking at Bliespotted Watchman Goby, or Cryptocentrus pavoninoides)

I was also now looking at Hector's Goby, or Amblygobius hectori.

Now that everything is cleared up, what do you all think?
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HI again

Thanks for understanding my previous post

Okay, My particular favourite is Stonogobiops nematodes, Hi-fin red banded, they are excellent for a small reef and are very showy fish but, as with all burrowing gobies, be prepared for them making their home at the back of your tank

The bluespotted Watchman Goby or Cryptocentrus pavoninoides is again a very showy fish but probably needs a bigger sandbed than the other two and when it grows remember that it will top out at 5"+ and can dominate the bottom of a tank, all of the goby family have pretty massive mouths and will probably have a go for any small shrimp that you have seeing as this is it's natural diet.

Hector's Goby or Amblygobius hectorI would make a nice and unusual addition and at 3" max it would not be too big for your tank, it is a looker and they are usually pretty active so should put on a good show.

Remember that all gobies are carnivores and need feeding as such, frozen Mysis and krill along with finely chopped table shrimp will keep them healthy and in full color, flake, no matter what the maker claims will not keep marine fish in the best condition.

Have fun choosing

remember that 99% of the goby family are jumpers too so bear that in mind.

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I feed my fish pellets 3 times a week and mysis 2 times.

No watchman goby until I get a larger tank.

Could I get a Hi-fin Red Banded for now and MAYBE get a Hector's Goby later?
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Your feeding sounds okay but I would switch it around and go with 3 Mysis and 2 pellets.

You won't be going with multiple gobies until you are up to at least a 50-75 gallon tank, marine fish take their territories very seriously and will most likely fight as they will inhabit the same area of the tank.

If you want something that a burrower and good looking then go for Stonogobiops nematodes or for something more, "on show" then Amblygobius hectorI is your man.

Both are great fish and will fit in well with your system.

Can I suggest this
llama roadkill
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I don't think a coin toss is necessary!

I will get the Hi-fin Red Banded Goby!

Although a Hector's would be cool and would eat some of my hair algae, my turbo snail and my bumblebee snails are actually doing quite well.

I will head to the LFS Tuesday or Wednesday.

BTW, my clown isn't looking so good...


She seems... Deflated....

JK! She is doing great!


She seems to have acclimated pretty well, since she is already chasing me up and down the tank for food!

I love her!

Thanks Malcolm!
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Your welcome

BTW the hair algae looks like it is on the back glass, if it is then why don't you get a razor blade and scrape it off, if you scrape directly in front of your water change syphon tube then everything scraped off will be removed

Other than that the tank is looking great, well done.
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Thank you for the kind words!

After adding my bumblebee snails I noticed about 1/4 of the algae gone, so scraping may not be neccesary!


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