Waste Absorbing Crystals: How Much a Difference Do They Make?

  1. BHC

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    I wanna start off by saying that I am new here and new to betta keeping. I have done a lot of internet searching and have gained quite a bit of info, but I am in no way any kind of expert [nor am I a 'just put it in a bowl, feed it once a day' person]. Also, I did search a little to see if this topic was already covered somewhere; I didn't see anything other than for decorating purposes.
    On to the point.....
    I have two bettas, each in a gal tank. I change the water in each tank weekly. Got curious a while ago if I was changing too often [if there really is such a thing] so I did some research and that's when I learned about the nitrogen cycle. Since I have such dinky tanks, I can't really attempt to cycle it so the changing is good. But while I was checking out tank accessories, I discovered Penn Plax Pro-V Decorative Aquarium Waste Adsorbing Crystals. I just received them in the mail today and the bottle offers absolutely no info on them other than they are waste and ammonia absorbing. What I really want to know is if they extend the quality of the water? Like, instead of cleaning every week, could I clean every two weeks with the boys being safe?
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    I wouldn't do it,you should move your bettas and give them a 2.5 each atleast.1 gallon is to small.