Washing and adding sand to a tank


It's not often I add sand to a tank anymore, but since I had to add some pool filter sand to the 125, I thought I would take some pictures.

How many times do you have to wash the sand? As many times as it takes. I wash about 10-15 lbs at a time, which is about my fingers length in the bucket. The first picture is after the third wash (when I decided to chronicle this). And each picture after is at the finish of each successive wash.

A wash consists of filling the bucket with water while churning the sand with my hand.

After the 10th wash, I could see my hand on the sand. THAT is when it is clean enough to be added without clouding the tank.
sand.jpg3rd.jpg3rd a.jpg4th.jpg5th.jpg


After 5 washes, progress starts to be made and I can start seeing my hand lower in the bucket. After 10 washes, I can see my hand on the sand.


Then it's just a matter of turning off the filter, REMOVING some water (sand displaces water), and pouring the sand where you want it.

First pic is before, last is after.
before.jpgpour1.jpgpour4.jpgpour5.jpgafter 1.jpg

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