warning- tetra "fungus guard" kills more than just fungus!

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    So 2 nights ago I found that my Pleco had died, and from some reason my water temp had gone u to almost 80 degrees....there were also white fuzzies. Accumulated on some uneaten food floating around my tank. I immediately did a 50% water change and turned down my heater setting. The next morning one of my 2 swordtails had developed whitish gray fussiest all over him and was very lethargic. So I went to people depot after researching online that he probably had tail rot, also known as coloumnais....the store owner was there and recommended that I try "fungus guard" mare by tetra. This illness is highly contagious and I was advised to treat my whole tank
    Prior to treating, I checked my Ph, nitrate, and ammonia levels, everything was where it should be and my tank temp had leveled off at about 74 degrees. So I followed the package instructions...removed the carbon insert from my filter and put 3 tablets into my, 30 gallon, tank.
    The next morning I wake up to fine my 3-3 year old parrot fish have all died! I called pet depot and told them what happened l, they told me to call tetra. I called tetra and described what happened.....they have no explanation why my fish died......I got no apology...no offer to reimburse me for the product.....and am now out over $120.00 in fish losses ....
    Do not use this product, the company takes no responsibility for it! I have been keeping fish tanks for almost 20 years and will never buy another tetra product again.
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    Welcome to FishLore!

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    In it's most aggressive form Columnaris can kill a tank within 24 hours despite our best efforts.
    It's bacterial rather than a fungal infection.

    Again, I'm so sorry about your fish. :(
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    Welcome to Fishlore!

    As Lucy said, sorry about your losses.

    While no amount of information we can give you can fix what's already happened, it might help fix problems in the future.
    As Lucy said, columnaris is actually a bacteria, not a fungus. And once it's set into fish, it can kill very quickly. It's one of the few things that I would not treat conservatively. Instead, I suggest a very aggressive treatment with antibiotics that affect gram-negative bacteria, followed by antibiotics that affect gram-positive bacteria (which often take up residence when the columnaris dies and leaves a weakened fish).

    One of the huge problems with columnaris is that it looks like fungus, so we treat for fungus. I can't remember what the company is, but one of the big "fungal" treatments out there actually treats for bacteria, because so many "fungal" infections are actually bacterial infections that look white and fuzzy, so we assume they're a fungus.

    Also, columnaris is not fin rot. Columnaris can cause ragged fins, but actual fin rot (where the fin is completely eaten away) is usually caused by an entirely different kind of bacteria. If you see fins being eaten away, water changes are usually the best prescription, though a milder antibiotic course may be necessary in extreme cases.