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Warning! Purchasing Levamisole From Subquaria | Page 2

Discussion in 'Commercial Websites' started by Lauren4events, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Lauren4events Well Known Member Member

    So it sounds like you’re doing everything right.

    Any chance you still have those directions laying around somewhere? It would be interesting to see what they said this time. Since the reason for this thread was the inconsistent and incorrect directions I got from them.
  2. Lauren4events Well Known Member Member

    Oh, and the only difference between doing two doses 24 hours apart vs. once for 48 hours would be that unless you change 100% of the water, there’s still going to Levamisole from the first round in the tank. Which means you would want to only dose based on the water you changed out, not the entire tank volume like you did the first time. If that makes sense?

    My first order from Subquaria said 24 hours and then a water change and that was it. The second order said 48 hours and then a water change. One of their many inconsistencies, which is why I am so curious about what yours said.
  3. H Farnsworth Valued Member Member

    I use levamisole all the time purchased from Subquaria. As state its best to use a scale I've seen the scoops they include but never use them. I find its a great product.
  4. Lauren4events Well Known Member Member

    Like I said, there is nothing wrong with the product itself. So I agree. My warning is with their incorrect and contradictory directions