Warning..Nerite Snails in Acrylic Tanks


So...I have an acrylic bowfront and never really thought about snails possibly scratching it up.

I got a few Zebra Nerites awhile back and now have tons of little tiny scratches all over the place. They aren't very noticeable at first glance but they are everywhere.

Think twice about getting snails if you have an acrylic tank.


Good to know.


Wow. I didn't know they could do that to an arylic tank. They do have sort of a little munchy mouth.
Much different than my other snail.


Never had that happen with snails, but definitely watch out for Panaque spp. in acrylic tanks... been there, done that. ;D


Wow, snails/fish that can eat their own tank!

I'm not surprised though as I can hear the Nerite in my fry tank rasping away if I listen within a metre.

I don't think there are any holes in the glass yet, but I'll keep an eye out for them!
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