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Warning- Large Images! Blue Marble Hmpk X “koi” Hmpk

Discussion in 'Betta Breeding' started by BettaBeetlesandBugs, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. BettaBeetlesandBugs Valued Member Member

    Finally decided to do a spawn journal, so here goes nothing!
    This is perhaps my smallest spawn and I don’t know the exact date but they spawned somewhere around the middle of November. The sire was a blue marble hmpk and rhe female was a koi hmpk. She was really eggbound and it didn’t look good for her, plus my male had a huge bubble nest ready. They spawned and the result was about 20 eggs amd now 20 fry. They are feeding on bbs and are currently in a half fileld 10 gallon tank with lots of rotala. They eat like pigs and are surprisingly slow in growth.

    Ignore the angel, he’a currently in QT until I find him a forever home

    She looked much better and more koi like until she marbled, bow she’s black and red


    Close up-

  2. WinterSoldier. Well Known Member Member

    I can't wait to see what they look like when they grow up. They are really going to be good looking

  3. BettaBeetlesandBugs Valued Member Member

    @WinterSoldier. Thanks, me too, this sown seems to be growing rather slowly though.

  4. Rtessy Fishlore VIP Member

    Subbing! Good luck!
  5. BettaBeetlesandBugs Valued Member Member

    Not an update, but I would highly sugegst getting a brine shrimp hatching dish. It is by far the absolute best when rearing bbs for fry and here’s a little hack- I prefer to allow all or most of the eggs to hatch out throughout the course of a few days to a week, sometiems even more, since it allows larger brine shrimp nauplii to grow. Also, if the water prameters are right, the betta fry should be growing quickly as well. In turn, the larger brine shrimp accomodates to the larger fry. One downside is that the newly hatched bbs is higher in nutrients, so tou mcht have to supplement their diet with other foods. I also found out that my fry now know when it’s feeding time and always wait around 10:00ish PM where I shine the light for the fry tank since its the area in which the bbs congregate.
  6. CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    Just curious but are they from a petstore...?
    But the babys are so cute!!! I need to breed soon too. Love the angel fish photo bomb lol.
  7. BettaBeetlesandBugs Valued Member Member

    The male was bought from a professional breeder and the female I regret to say is a pet store buy. I know that I shouldn’t breed her but I guess I just did it on a whim. When she did have her colors she did have good finnage and markings but now she looks like this. The male’s fins are torn because of the sorority I have in their.
  8. BettaBeetlesandBugs Valued Member Member

    Don’t have any pics yet but some are growing ventrals along with dorsal and analfins! Also, does anyone know if scuds aka freshwater amphipods are okay to keep with betta fry? Some hitch-hiked with the plants that I put in my tank and I just saw 2.
  9. KoiBettas Valued Member Member