Warning: Do Not Use Hornwort For Betta Spawn Tanks!

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by BettaBeetlesandBugs, May 13, 2019.

  1. BettaBeetlesandBugs Valued Member Member

    For further clarifictation i wanted to try and spawn my bettas with some hornwort to see how it would go. Long story agort the male was chasing around the female and now there is a thick fluff pile of hornwort needles at the bottom. This really sucks and now I had to stop the whole spawn before I lost the plants altogether. If anyone decides to sue hornwort just simply don’t for fish in which the males would chase the female down, use something elese like anacharis or cabomba instead.

  2. MrBryan723 Well Known Member Member

    Hornwort sheds needles when it sheds needles. The bettas aren't going to destroy them.

  3. BettaBeetlesandBugs Valued Member Member

    Do they shed needles when stressed out? I heard that they lose them whenever they’re disturbed. My bettas keep chasing each other through the hornwort and that’s why I have so many little needles at the bottom

  4. Fishcat Well Known Member Member

    I’m sorry that you’re having this issue, but there’s a definite slapstick touch to it that is amusing me.
  5. WillR1496 Valued Member Member

    I've disturbed mine before and I don't see it shedding needles. I move them with my hands and the water from the filter hits it. I also have a sponge filter so the bubbles from that blow the hornwort around.

    Could it be the water parameters that could be causing the needle loss?
  6. Rtessy Fishlore VIP Member

    I haven't had any issues with hornwort in my spawn tanks before...
    What kind of ferts and stuff are you using? Is the water hard or soft?
  7. BettaBeetlesandBugs Valued Member Member

    Yikes should’ve mentioned that I just got it...I had it for a few days and it’s been doing good so far. I recently bought if so could the stress from the moce cause the needles to drop?
  8. ShamFish97 Valued Member Member

    Aquarium salt can cause the needles to shed as well. Hornworts just shed. My tank is covered in needles, but I use aquarium salt.
  9. MrBryan723 Well Known Member Member

    Hornwort thrives in water on the harder side at a cooler temperature. It also likes stable temperatures and parameters. I use it for modifying my tap water (extremely hard) if I want to breed fickle fish(bettas are not)