Wanting to turn 30 Gal into Bare-bottom

  1. Crissandra331

    Crissandra331 Valued Member Member

    I have a 30 gallon I initially thought I wanted to put sand in, now I'm kind of leaning more towards a bare-bottom tank. I really love the look of them.

    But before starting few questions came up that I figured I best get answered before I get started...

    I know a lot of the beneficial bacteria is in the substrate. With a HOB filter, should I worry about a significant die off or issues maintaining a healthy bio-load with just the HOB Filter?

    Also I want to have some plants in glasses, what is the best to plant them in? I have Fluorite already, would that work or would sand be better?

    Thanks :)
  2. T

    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like you are thinking of a cool tank.
    With the BB issue, I would try to oversize the HOB, and also keep the stock levels down.
    This should maintain a perfectly good BB factory in the HOB.
    As for the Flourite /sand thing - why not use both in layers or something
    It would look like chocolate sundaes
    Good Luck
  3. Rivieraneo

    Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Both my large tanks are bare bottom and I have no lack of BB issues.
  4. Fishy Friends

    Fishy Friends Well Known Member Member

    i have thought of a future tank with bare bottom - I will probably spray paint the outside bottom a sand textured color☺
  5. OP

    Crissandra331 Valued Member Member

    Well I will probably upgrade the filter just to make sure I have the Filter capacity, maybe keep two running on the back till the new filter can get established. I have 2 Angels that are constantly breeding, reek havoc on my community, was wanting to put them in this tank, bare-bottom it to allow more space and also keep things a little cleaner...Hoping it could be a good breeding tank for them if I tailored it around their needs... Hopefully :;dk