Wanting To Try A Floating Plant, Never Had Them Before

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Xavior, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. XaviorNew MemberMember

    Should we try duckweed or guppy grass, which would be better you think? We do have guppies, but just wanted to know if anyone would recommend the duckweed over guppy grass because it is easier to get at the moment lol.

  2. goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    duckweed is super cheap and does really well as long as the current isn't too strong.

  3. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    I love hornwort, probably my favorite plant, no joke lol. Guppy grass is similar to hornwort so I would go with guppy grass, once they start to grow thick the fish will love the cover.

  4. XaviorNew MemberMember

    Thanks! I was leaning towards guppy grass too, the only place I can find it though is on ebay, which I haven't used in years..
  5. Kellye8498Well Known MemberMember

    You can also float anacharis and it will grow like a weed. You can find floating plants at most LFS's but pet stores here don't seem to have them for me. I just go to an actual aquarium based store.
  6. LascapaValued MemberMember

    I am a beginner with plants and I just put some Dwarf Water Lettuce in. It seems to be doing good. I had to buy it on ebay though. My Honey Gourami and Guppies like it.
  7. ChiefBrodyValued MemberMember

  8. Fish-whisperValued MemberMember

  9. XaviorNew MemberMember

    How do you get baby angelfish?! Are they as cute as I think they are!?
  10. Floundering_AroundWell Known MemberMember

    Most stem plants can act as floaters but they will start putting roots down towards the substrate from their nodes
  11. Jocelyn AdelmanFishlore VIPMember

    I love my guppy grass. (I also have a ton of it, PM me if you want me to ship/sell you some)
    Duckweed I would stay away from, other options would be dwarf water lettuce or red root floaters. (Just be careful with the amount you leave floating, too many can block the lighting for the plants below).
    Hornwort is another option, as is anacharis (I use a plant weight to hold it down and then let it cascade across the top, same for the hornwort. Don't love the long thicker stems getting caught up in places I don't want them). Water Sprite looks great floating, a lot of people love floating water wisteria as well (I prefer it planted).
    Riccia makes great "floating islands" (have plenty of this too). Cambomba grows very fast with the right lighting/ferts and will cascade across the top, similar to vals.
  12. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    I have some of Jocelyn's plants and they are very nice. I highly recommend her. As far as floating plants, guppy grass is simple and awesome for any sort of fry. Good food source and grows fast enough that you won't really notice some fish nibble it constantly. It has a random look, that you may or may not prefer. Hornwort is probably my favorite floater. You can float it, or bundle three or five strands and put it in the substrate for a more formal look. It's quite attractive that way IMO. I have several tanks that are almost pure hornwort. Same with anacharis but it doesn't grow quite as well for me. With just a modest amount of nutrients and light all these plants with thrive, if not overtake your tank. I am planning to dose mine in a week or so. I suspect it won't take much for a very nice improvement.
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  13. BettaPonicWell Known MemberMember

    I vote Guppy Grass too.
  14. Sarah73Fishlore VIPMember

  15. Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    I prefer hornwort over guppy grass and have it floating in most my tanks. I use it a lot when I instant cycle QT or a breeding tank. Duckweed is great for fry tanks and shy fish but is messy as it reproduces incredibly fast. There are lots of options and most aquatic plants readily available at chain stores are easy to grow, probably because they are naturally weeds.
  16. jmaldoWell Known MemberMember

  17. barandemir09Valued MemberMember

    What ever you do, DONT GO FOR THE DUCKWEED!!!! It can and will take over a tank and is a pain to remove... if you want something similar, go for the larger floating plants like amazon frogbit. That's nice and it's easy to remove
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  18. XaviorNew MemberMember

    Thanks a lot everyone, I can't wait to try more plants like hornwort and such in my main tank someday.

    We've had our guppy grass for a week or two now and all the fish seem to enjoy it. At first the grass was pretty chaotic but it eventually snagged onto stuff. I just can't tell if it's growing or not? It's still green at least lol.
  19. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    Green is a good sign lol. About the only way to tell how fast it is growing is to anchor a small strand to the bottom and watch it for a few days. Unless your tank is so clean their are no nutrients, you can just about watch guppy grass grow. A healthy floating plant will pull considerable nitrates from the water. I started dosing my tank with ferts daily and the nitrates still stay low when the floaters start growing.
  20. XaviorNew MemberMember

    Update: just noticed some brown in my guppy grass... suspecting the led light isn't enough for it grow

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