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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by SmallFishGuy, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. SmallFishGuy Valued Member Member

    Hi guys, I’m going through a phase at the moment where everything is just going really slowly, I keep scaping my tank differently etc but I’m just getting a little bored of looking at the same fish doing the same things, I love my fish and don’t want to get rid of them but kind of wish I got some more exciting fish, anyone have any tips to get over this phase?

  2. Smalltownfishfriend Well Known Member Member

    Start a new tank.. maybe a nano tank!! Try saltwater!!:)

  3. SmallFishGuy Valued Member Member

    I already have 3 tanks set up and I don’t really have the space for any more :(

  4. Smalltownfishfriend Well Known Member Member

    Too bad!!:'(
  5. Fashooga Fishlore VIP Member

    I think in this hobby you're never satisfied with the end result. Heck I'm thinking of looking for more driftwood for my 90g tank and more fish for that tank too. You can get bored but I really think your not really satisfied with what you have...

    Perhaps try a new project, since your tank is small perhaps trade them in to get a massive tank...or find ways to make your maintenance more efficient. That's what I did when I got bored...research.
  6. Nataku Well Known Member Member

    New project: see if you can get your fish to spawn. That's one way to get some new behavoirs going on.
  7. SmallFishGuy Valued Member Member

    I have a 177litre a 57 litre and a 29 litre, I had to make adjustments to my 177 because the tiger barbs were being angry and they killed a few fish so they’re now in the 57 litre, I have a goldfish in the big one with danios, rasbora, an angel, rainbow shark and kuhli loaches (not ideal but it’s working) I just wish I had started off with some beautiful OB cichlids or something to make people look and be amazed
  8. FishL:)) Well Known Member Member

    Hello, @SmallFishGuy!

    What about re-scaping your two other aquariums you mentioned? Have you tried something different with them?

    Best of luck.
  9. SmallFishGuy Valued Member Member

    I actually just got round to doing that yesterday when I moved my tiger barbs into the 57 litre, I thought I’d have fun with it but because the other 2 tanks are upstairs i don’t see them much

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  10. Susiefoo Well Known Member Member

    Tank upgrade. It's the only way. I recommend a 75g minimum, 100g+ if possible. Several schools, lots of plants, hardscape, inverts - should provide enough interest to keep you going. Use your current tank as a quarantine.

    Can you tell I've been where you are? ;)
  11. SmallFishGuy Valued Member Member

    I really wish I could, ive only had this tank for a few months and I don’t have any more space in my house to have any more/bigger tanks, maybe I’ll have to try convincing my partner to let me buy more plants etc so I can rescape my tank so it looks completely like new