wanting to setup a salt water tank

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    well i want to setup a salt water tank but i have never dealt with salt before so any guide lines i need to know? what do i need ? i just want clown fish if that helps and do i need live coral etc any help setting up a salt water tank?
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    Hi blu,
    Most of the answers you seek can be found in the SW Beginners guides on FL. Research is the key to success in marine.


    What size tank are you looking at? You'll want a minimum 30G for Oscellaris or Percula (Nemos). Always try to purchase tank-bred clowns where possible. They are a little hardier, and more importantly, it's kinder on our natural reefs.

    As for corals, no you don't need corals, many a succesful marine keeper has setup a FOWLR. And contrary to popular belief, you do not need an anemone for the clown to host. If you think you want (or will want) corals/anemones, be sure to research their requirements (water quality, lighting, flow), and plan now - look at Reef setup guides. It'll save you heartache later.

    With research and patience, keeping marine is very rewarding!
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    The 3 most important things i've found with SW:

    1. Live Rock Amount - get the right amount of live rock. 1 pound per gallon will always suffice. To save money though, you can get a couple of pounds of live rock and the rest in bulk dry rock. Eventually itl all become live rock.

    2. Reverse Osmosis Water - Again, use this from the start. It's expensive to install but will pretty much pay itself off very soon. If you have even the slightest desire to keep corals, then use this from the get-go...

    3. Patience - The longer you wait before doing things, especially stocking the tank, the stronger the tank will be from a stability stand point