Wanting stocking suggestions


I'm changing up the stocking in my main tank (210 litres or 55 gallons).

ph sits at 8.0 (8.4 from tap)
kh 4 drops
gh 9 drops

heavily planted tank so plant friendly fish only.
Im in australia so a lot of fish are either illegal or ridiculously expensive due to importing laws (dojo loaches are illegal and pea puffers are hard to find and over $100 each for example, neither of them would actually work in my tank anyway).

fish I am keeping:
bottom dwellers:
10x panda cory (will get after I sell all my current corys)
3x adult bristlenose

4x kribensis OR 1x betta OR a pair of dwarf gourami
(already have kribs and betta, bettas are in different separate tanks, kribs I will sell at least half as I currently have 8)
wanting opinions on which to go with

middle-top swimming:
8x guppy (2 male, 6 female... any of the centrepiece fish would eat babies)
this is where I want suggestions on what else to add...
guppies mainly swim at the top so something middle swimming would be nice.

also if you think betta would be a good centrepiece option which one should it be? 2/3 of my bettas (a male and a female) are great with guppies and all other fish I've tried them with. female is white with red seams on her fins, male is a short fin with marbled sort of blue/green, white, and orange. My other male is a Cambodian veiltail and doesn't like guppies but is fine with shrimp and pygmy corys. I do plan on getting 3 more bettas once I get more heaters and air pumps for my other 20 litre/ 5 gallon tanks.

also I am getting a 63 gallon to grow out all my baby bristlenose and any other babies I wish to keep and grow out.


A lot of tetras tend to habitate in the mid-level areas. Might be a little tricky depending on the tails of the guppies and the betta should you put that in there. But numbers do help a lot sometimes with tetras, like 10+ vs. 6+

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