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    Hello everyone! My name is Brit, I'm 23 and just recently graduated from Miami University in Oxford OH, I'm currently substitute teaching and looking for a full time teaching job :) My fiance is actually in transit currently home to Fort BRagg from his 5th deployment...he's the one that got me into fish! I've been keeping fish in just the typical college betta fish tank no filter, water changes every other day or so until my birthday (July) when I recieved a 3 gallon tank. I then received a 10 gallon tank for Valentines day which until two days ago was housing 8 fish. I had a massive ammonia spike and lost 6 of the 8 fish. It was very tragic! The tank was cycled but my silly room mate overfed the guys while I was gone and well you know what happens when that happens. She was quite distraught, but I mean she meant well so I couldn't be too angry. Just depressed! I'm off to post more about this problem and ask for your knowledgeable advice as to what to do next!
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    Welcome to Fishlore and sorry to hear about the lose.:;hug2
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    What are your water test readings? If you are seeing high ammonia readings and your tank has been cycled I would of course first remove excess food and start daily water changes with Prime until your ammonia levels drop to 0.
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    Thank you, I was very upset!

    Everyone keeps talking about this Prime, is it better than AquaSafe? I've always used Aquasafe, even when I was just doing the 1 gallon betta tank thing so if there is something better I'm cool w/ switching (of course money is tight right now so if it's horribly expensive it might have to wait). The water is currently reading at

    Ammonia .25ppm
    Nitrite 0ppm
    Nitrate 10ppm
    pH 7.8

    I use fake plants to, that might be helpful too.
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    Welcome to the most friendly fish forum site I've ever been to :) Hope you enjoy your stay here.