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HI Everyone! I’m new here! Just wanted to introduce myself. I currently have a 55 gallon freshwater tank that consists of 5 tetras, 3 Cory catfish, a pleco, and 4 mystery snails. I lost my dwarf gourami in my hospital tank last week.

I’ve had fish for many years but only recently started educating myself on the nitrogen cycle, how to read water parameters, benefits of a planted tank, oxygenating the water.... etc.

About a month and a half ago, I made some big mistakes. I took filter media from a 30 gallon tank and put it into my now 55g. I’ve done this in the past which resulted in an instant cycle in the new tank. This time, I checked the water parameters in the new tank a few days after seeding the filter and all seemed okay - so I moved all of my fish over at once. I completely crashed whatever cycle that I had (if it was even cycled at all but I was sure it was cycled.....

Anyway- after a long month and a half, the tank finally cycled fully. It unfortunately had to be a fish-in cycle. My gourami was the only fish that got ill which was a total shame because he was 3 years old. He seemed to have developed mouth rot. I moved him to a hospital tank last week. (Yes- this tank was setup properly).... he died 1 day after being put in the hospital tank with medication.

I’ve joined this group because I want to be sure I’m educated in all things fish/keeping water.
Thanks for listening,



Don't feel bad we've all made dumb mistakes but some just don't like to admit it. Actually what you did should have worked. I recently set up a 55 and i'm rapidly closing in on the amount of fish I can add. Searching for new fish is my favorite part of the hobby so I dred when i'm at the limit. Welcome aboard.
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Thank you- seeded filters have always worked for me in the past as well. So I’m not sure if my mistake was that I waited too long to add the fish to the new tank and I was starving the bacteria? Or that I added all of the fish at once... either way- I’m glad it’s all okay now. My fish are much happier!


Sometimes adding too many fish at once causes the ammonia to go from very little to a lot and the bacteria does not have time to catch up.

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