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Downward Dog

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HI all!
First, I just wanted to say that it has been a year now since I started keeping my fishies and I love them! FishLore has been a great help to me and I've had healthy fish since summertime.

I just received a free 15 or 20 gal tank which I want to use so I can move the tank, as well as add a couple more fish. How do I do this?

Can I just use most of the existing tank water and supplement with new water like a water change? Since it will be all the same fish, it won't have to cycle, right?

I do notice that the light fixture on the new tank is one long bulb, not 2 CFs like I have now. Should that be changed? I dont' know much about lighting.

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Using some old tank water is a good idea but bacteria is not free floating, it lives on surfaces, most of the nitrifying bacteria is in your filter and media due to that is were the most water movement is. I suggest in running your old filter from the 10 gallon with the new filter for at least 3 weeks if there is room and taking all of the gravel, decor and plants and put in the new tank along with your fish. You should have almost an instant cycle. Just do some daily testing and proceed with a water change with Prime if needed. Just keep everything wet when moving stuff from old tank to new if needed.

as for lighting I will leave that to someone else, don't know much about lighting. lol
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Hello Downward Dog,

Can you check to see if anything is written along the new bulb? Usually as one end it will have the details. Overall the style of light shouldn't have too much different, what counts is the watts and light refraction.

I opt to move my fish between tanks, the same way as bringing them home from the shop.

Yes your tank will still have to cycle, but the process should be quick and easy if using old filter media/gravel.

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Christine provides excellent advice above. It is the filter media and the substrate that you need to transfer in order to move the good bacteria.

I think I would move the water also, just for stability's sake. If it were me, I would do a 20% water change in the 10 gal about 24 hour prior to the move so that I could vacuum up the substrate real well (no sense in transferring any detritus waste). Then move the filter, substrate, decorations, livestock, etc... Take care to keep the filter media and substrate moist with existing water during the process.

Finally, I would test your new water source and existing tank's pH to make sure there are no big differences there. If you are doing regular water changes I wouldn't expect to find big differences there, but certainly worth running a couple of tests to be sure.
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