Want to raise Convict Cichlids


Today, the guy at the pet store told me he would buy the little Convict offspring from me if I wanted to have a couple mated pairs in my aquarium. I'm new to this hobby & at first I wanted & did have parahnas for a short time (baby ones) in my 20 gallon tank. Now there's four cichlids in that tank along with a Pleco. The two newest cichlids are Convicts & I've decided that's what I want to have, but I'm going to have them in a 29 gallon I bought today. I hope to get it set up tomorrow & get it cycling. I'm gonna shut down my 10 gallon & will probably leave the MinI Bows 5 gallon with the Betta on the side of my kitchen counter top. Truth is......I'm short on space....don't have room for a 55 gallon so Pirahnas, Oscars, or anything else I had ideas of having ain't gonna happen.

Right now, the Convicts are in with two bullying African cichlids. I have to get them out of there tonight. Any way I'd very much appreciate any advice in breeding the convict cichlids. How often will they have offspring & how many? As for the 20 gallon...probably gonna have African cichlids in there because I like watching aggressive fish, but I'm not going to continue to watch the two I now have(African Powder Blue cichlids) raise **** with my pair of convicts. Don't worry, I'm not throwing them out, they're just going back in my 10 gallon until I get my new project under way.


I am really sorry, I just read your thread on convicts. I have raised convicts and now I am housing only a couple of females together. It is a great idea first of all that you are moving them to their own 29. If you can add some pots/tubing/caves, any of these to your tank, it will give the convicts a place to lay eggs. Convicts are prolific breeders and will breed, and breed, and breed. Many people are using the fry now for feeders rather than goldfish as they are not as disease prone. I'm sure by now you have probably already had a bunch of babies and I would love to know how it went!

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