Want to introduce a pearl!!! 30 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Pearl Gourami' started by gokaran, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. gokaran

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    Hi All its been a while since i been here.
    Heres a quick recap
    Arounf xmaz 2009 i started my new 100l tank
    cycled - no problem
    1st - 2 angels
    then a week later - 4 platy's redwag
    when i introduced the platy's (new year's eve) there was a bit of a stand off between the platy's and the angels, but no harm done and they all friends now

    then 1 of the angels lost appetite. On advice from friends here at fishlore forums, a few water changes, turn up the heat and she was back in the groove.

    the a few weeks later one of the platy's did the same but the same trick did not work and I lost her

    Since then the 3 platy's and 2 angles are healthy and best of friends.

    my levels are on the money.

    check out the photos to see the wood I introduced earlier today and a piece of stone i never though i would have a use for.

    The question I now have is?
    I want to introduce a pearl gourami. I have read that the PG is generally very peaceful with other species but may bicker with other PG's. this is all well and good as I plan to introduce only 1.
    What concerns me though is that the 5 that are already in the tank(2 x angel and 3 X platy) are best friend and I'm afraid that they might gang up against the the solitary PG.
    Is this a valid concern?
    If the famous 5 that are already there do gang up. should I introduce more that 1 new fish ( e.g. 1 x PG + 3 x bronze Cory)
    help me out here some one!!!
  2. platy ben

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    I think in your size tank I wouldn't add a pearl gourami as your angels will grow pretty big and they also may see another larger fish as competition, so I would say no just to be safe :)
  3. aquariumgirl lauren

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    Yeah no pearl gourami, I tried a angel-gourami combo and the pearl gourami would constantly nip the angels finns. Both the angels ended up dying. I didn't expect the gourami to nip at the angels because I thought they were peaceful fish. But you tank looks amazing and your angels are beautiful!
  4. OP

    gokaranValued MemberMember

    thanks for the advise
    glad u like the tank

    now heres what happened
    I mentioned to my wife that im considering a pearl. I was out of town for a week and a comeback to a pearl in the tank

    which is fine
    the pearl gets pushy when eating
    other than that it all looks fine

    but my angles are bickering with each other now. Nipped fins and all