Want to add real plants to an occupied tank

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    Nickpav New Member Member

    I want to add real plants to my now fully started up tank. I feel it would look a lot better and more healthy at the same time. I have Mini rocks (kind of like turtle gravel) and green aquarium gravel mixed for the bottom of my tank. My lights are standard full spectrum lighting. I dont have sand or substrate. How can i do this if possible at all and what are the basics for plant keeping??? i.e. extra food, clipping, ect. Thanks a lot!!
  2. CichlidSWAGA

    CichlidSWAGA Well Known Member Member

    plants do best with very fine gravel. What kind of lighting do you have? incandescent, power compact, T5, T5HO etc...

    Is your aquarium info up to date cause it says your ammonia is at 1.5 that could cause problems. How often do you do water changes?
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    mosaicguppy Well Known Member Member

    Different plants have different requirements, so it's important for you to first research the types of plants you want to keep. Different plants require different amounts of light to grow successfully, it's easiest to start out with low-light plants such as java moss and java fern because they require little light to grow and can easily be attached to aquarium decorations by tying them on with rubber bands or fishing line. There's also floating plants and plants that grow with their roots buried in the substrate, floating plants are the plants that grow floating, they include plants such as duckweed and water lettuce. Some plants for example lacefern, can grow both floating and with their roots buried in the substrate.