Want Koi Kanke Or Showa Swordtails Help

Discussion in 'Swordtails' started by Henry111, Jun 13, 2019.

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    I am not sure I am posting this is the right place or even if I am allowed to post it at all. So if I am out of line just take the post down:
    I have searched everywhere trying to purchase a pair or trio of Koi Kanke or Showa swordtails for breeding. Most sources only offer unsexed singles. Any leads would be sincerely appreciated.
  2. Crazycoryfishlady

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    Liveaquaria has a pair for 10.99
    They don't mention sexing when selling though so you would have to contact them.
    I honestly don't think it would be a problem for you to get maybe 4 or 5 unsexed fish.
    That way you aren't sibjecting a single pair to constant mating.
    Because technically if your female is hit once, she could keep the same fry for almost all her life, so having variation between males and females will not only start you off in a better position for breeding, but it will allow your numbers to increase much quicker so you can indentify the best parents, and fry quickly before you start to either inbreed line them or introduce even more into the strain.

    I should have picked up the koi I saw at petco....
    Was so rare to see a perfect male there.
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    Those Showa swordtails look pretty cool. I wonder if CoralBandit has some thought. I know he started with Swordtails, and still offers some.

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    From what I know, I don't think @coralbandit has any koi or showa
    The ones I got from him were albino and jet blacks.
    Though I suppose he might have kois just not listed.
    He's also has a very nice fry holder.

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    Cool, he might have a lead on a supplier.
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  9. Crazycoryfishlady

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    I don't think he agreed to be your tester! Lol!

    If I happen upon any koi ever again (my lfs might actually have some koi platy or swords in their fry tanks...)
    I'll be sure to pick them up.

    I know there are breeders on youtube, they might have contact information and some for sale as well.
  10. coralbandit

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    There were showas and sanke on Aquabid Just last week .
    I created my own showas years ago but the showa has not gained popularity like other swords so I just don't have room for them .
    I am raising Red Alphas along with the White Albinos and Ed Parker Jet blacks ..I list on Aquabid also ..
    I f you go to domestic not guppy you can see what is listed .
    If you search closed auctions for 7 days [doestic not guppy] you can see the Shansoku that were offered and even contact that seller if you want ..
    I had different looking showas that I liked much better then what is offered [spotted like crazy].. Mine were orange,white and black in larger blotches ..


    ^^ This was my first ^^ I thought I created the 'calico sword ' back then !
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    It's like summoning spirits! I'm so going to use the out of that feature:)
  12. Oriongal

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    I will echo that Petco does often have kohaku (? two orange sections with white between) koi swordtails. You might ask your LFS also - and you may mention to have them look for 'Santa Claus' swordtails as well (they might be listed by their supplier that way, my LFS found them that way.)

    I've ordered two pairs of koi swords from LiveAquaria at different times, and it was sort of a mixed-bag experience. (upfront also, I am not completely clear on the pattern-names, so if I get it wrong please do correct me. I see the same pattern called different things and am never sure which one is right.)

    The first pair they sent me was actually a tancho(? orange head, white body) pair, not what they have pictured. And, unfortunately - that pair also ended up both being male (ended up with a late-developer in that pair, wasn't their fault.) The fish themselves were healthy and arrived in good shape, though.

    The second pair I ordered (still trying to get just one female) ended up being...I don't actually know what you'd call them, but it wasn't what I'd hoped for. They were tri-colored, but the colors weren't very well-defined or striking (the colors were very weak on both of them, the white looked gray/washed-out and the orange looked more like a pineapple neon's orange.) And sadly, the female of that pair was DOA, basically looking like she had suffered extreme ammonia poisoning by her blood-red gills (I was at home to receive the shipment and it was an overnight shipment. Dunno what happened, it's the first time I've ever had a DOA from them.)


    The male of that pair survived with a little extra care given in the quarantine. Don't have any pics of him but he's similar to what the female was, with a fairly solid black midline stripe. He's in with my general population, I wouldn't consider him quality breeding stock (as a koi pattern) particularly.

    I'm not really bashing on LiveAquaria so much as saying - it seems like they know even less than I do about what a koi-pattern swordtail is. I would think that someone who knows would have rejected anything that looked like that second pair, or else would have sold them as general mixed-variety rather than as koi-pattern. The first pair were very good quality both health-wise and pattern-wise, but if I'd been set on having exactly what was pictured (pattern-wise) on their website, I'd have been a little disappointed that they weren't exactly that pattern.
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    IMG_0304.JPG Imperial Tropicals has koi swordtails.