Want A Pink Aquarium?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZeeZ, Dec 21, 2012.

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    Wow it looks like Barbies swimming pool ;)
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    thanks for sharing, very interesting stuff :)
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    Good morning,

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    That is awesome. i kind of want to go see it personally now
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    Thats one of the coolest things ive ever seen. Thank you for the awesome post.
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    That's an awesome lake!

    Considering the majority of pink lakes in the world are incredibly saline, there's not much that could live there. Possibly some sort of crustacean.
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    Very interesting!
  9. OP

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    I've been looking to see if there's any aquatic life at all, but all I've found out is that it was used as a salt mining operation for 6 years then abandoned. There's one in Africa that's still being mined.

    I can't find anything that links to someone who lives there or is studying this to ask them. If there really is something that lives in them like a crab or something, that would be incredible.
  10. sirdarksol

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    The biggest I would guess would be something like brine shrimp.
    There are at least 8 pink lakes in the world. Only one of those eight isn't extremely salty. Several of them are as salt-dense as the Dead Sea. At least two of them have small salt-mining operations at them.

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    I'm impressed with how the majority of the pink lakes are dominated by Australia. I guess they like their pink lakes.

    I wonder if the one that's not salty in Canada has anything in it. That link said the color came from the surrounding rocks, and I'm sure there's other chemicals from those rocks that might be detrimental to aquatic life.
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    Thats pretty cool. :) Thanks for sharing (the other links on that page are cool too like the river convergence one)
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    Interesting.... and they're all in Western Australia..... I wonder where all the salt came from?

    Western Australia is a big rich land, there's a huge mining boom going on over there atm.