Want a new betta! Any good pet stores near Weston?

  1. andrearamirezo91

    andrearamirezo91 Well Known Member Member

    Hii!! :;hi2

    So I just moved from Venezuela to Weston and I'm thinking about getting a betta.. I went to Petco down in Kend and they had some really AMAZING ones, all tipes and colors from king bettas to dragons and HMPK double tails.. The thing is I was wondering if anyone knows a good fish store where I can find nice bettas and cheaper aquariums (I'm looking for a 5g preferably) closer to where I live.

    Any suggestions??

  2. c

    cameronpalte Member Member

    I don't know about custom's in vietnam, but other than pet co, rather than going anywhere you can try to order some online and that can open up some options for you.