Walstad vase ideas

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    Hi guys, I've been absent from fish lore over the past month or so as I've had GCSEs to do, but now I'm back!

    I've been wanting to do a proper walstad vase for ages now, and my opportunity for it has risen as I was given a nice cylindrical vase. I also have a really good led bulb that is supposed to have a really high PAR rating (its used to grow coral) so i may have a good chance of being able to grow some carpet plants! Here are some ideas for how I'd set up the vase:

    1) have black gravel w/ root tabs in for nutrients. As a carpet for the middle section I was thinking about java moss, as shrimp love moss from what I've heard (oh yeah, the vase is a shrimp walstad vase). Around the moss carpet I'll have some crypts/java fern/anubias. For the back ground plants I was thinking water wisteria, or something that grows pretty tall (the vase is like 18" tall!) So I don't want it looking bare at the top.

    2) have an actual carpet plant in the fore/mid ground. Then have a wall of moss growing up the side of the vase (instead of tall plants) and have a bunch of small/medium sized plants around the carpet plant.

    That's it so far. Any suggestions would be great, as well as when I should add co2 and ferts (so a schedule kind of thing). Thanks!

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    Bumping this up for you